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Why should you choose Oxfordshire Nannies and Maternity?


We understand that by visiting this site, you have taken the very first step in finding your ideal childcare solution.


Right from your first email or telephone call, we endeavour to offer a very personal service and will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have, no matter how small.

We help our clients with all aspects of finding, hiring and employing their nanny. Please do not feel that any question is too small, as all questions regarding the welfare of your children are significant - and treated as such. We can also answer questions surrounding the issues of taxation, legal requirements, contracts and childcarer's duties.

There are many different types of childcare available. Please do remember that your needs don't have to 'fit' into any particular one of these below, as this is really just a guide. All positions are very different and a childcarer will be found to meet your needs as a family.


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There are many different types of childcare available. If you are not sure which one best suits your families' needs, please call and we can discuss your situation further.



All nannies will be qualifed in childcare, very experienced, and usually both. Nannies will offer your children a high level of care, with ability to meet all of their needs. They will be involved in all aspects of your child's care and will be suitably experienced to look after your children on a sole charge basis, as well as shared care if necessary.
Nannies can either a live-in (residential nanny) or a live-out (daily nanny) A typical working day will be 10-12 hours per day, but again, this can be negotiated.



Very often a mother's help would be slightly younger and less experienced than a nanny. Most mother's helps will then go on to be fully-fledged nannies. A mother's help is exactly just that. They will work alongside mother or father, sometimes grandparents, but all will have some childcare experience and will be capable of some sole-charge for short periods of time. Hours will be approximately the same as a nanny's.



Maternity nurses specialise in the care of newborn infants and invaluable advice and support to the baby's mother. A maternity nurse will usually live with the family and will work for 5 or 6 days a week, from as little as one week to 12 weeks. Many will have experience with twins, triplets or even more! They will dedicate themselves to the care of baby and will work to create a calm and nurturing environment for your newborn.



A night nanny will often be someone who also works as a maternity nurse or a maternity nanny. They will have newborn baby experience and will come to your home to spend the night with your baby, whilst you get much needed rest! Again, they devote themselves to the care of your baby and will support and advise around all areas of babycare. Some families will engage a night nanny for an older child, who may have difficulties sleeping through the night.



A housekeeper will take care of your home and will often cook, clean and generally do whatever is required to ensure that your home is run smoothly. Many families with school-aged children will employ a 'nanny-housekeeper'. They will take care of your children when when not in school, cover sickness, school holidays etc. During the day they will undertake housekeeping duties and whatever else is required in that time. Many of our clients have moved from 'nanny' to 'nanny-housekeeper' as the children get older and start school. Housekeepers can be either on a residential or daily basis.



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